Video Contest Winners

Statement to our mocap community regarding our Mocap Like A Pro contest:

In the early stage of our contest—which included a public voting segment—it came to our attention that many of the votes were not legitimate. This was an issue as one of the prizes was to be determined by total votes. As there was no way for us to control the fake votes, nor to determine which votes were real and which weren’t, we made the decision to select all the winners internally. The winners in each category were chosen based on whether they followed the criteria outlined in the contest entry statement, the originality of their project and the overall presentation in their video. Please note that several entries did not meet the basic criteria - ie. submitting a project. A few entries were just videos and/or portfolios with no reference to any project. Those entries were disqualified.

We spent a whole day discussing and arguing over each submission. The final decisions were difficult as each final project was of a very high caliber. Our selection was fair and rewarded what a team of 10 people decided were the best projects. Not a single winner is a relation, friend or relative of any of our staff - this would disqualify them. We are extremely happy to reward our amazing winners and their ground breaking ideas. We know that our prizes alone will not determine the successful outcome of their ideas, but we hope it will help.

We are asking everyone to respect our decision but more importantly, to show respect to those that have been selected as winners. We will have a zero tolerance towards harassement and bullying on our Facebook page or any other social media. This is not only our rule but that of all social media platform. Those that do not respect these rules will be reported to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and be permanently blocked.

Our community is small in numbers but enormous in their passion for their work, and we are commited to supporting them and providing for them a safe environment to share their ideas. We welcome justified negative comments about anything that we do or sell, but we will not stand for any type of harassement and/or bullying.

We will continue to hold contests in the future as we love to give people the opportunity to see their projects come to life. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish in the mocap community over the last five years and would like to sincerely thank everyone who entered this contest. We are grateful for all of your support, and we look forward to seeing more great work from our mocap community. Thank you.

Grand Prize
RT GFX Empowered by Dance
Kyle Smith
RT GFX Empowered by Dance
Canada - Art
In a live setting, I want to use Perception Neuron to capture a dancer’s movement/gestures to cue live effects and manipulate attributes of real-time visuals in programs like Notch, and Touch Designer. Ultimately enabling improvisational dancers to create works with motion responsive A/V modifications and cues.
Grand Prize Runner Up
Rehabilitation Assessment System of Pneumatic Upper Limb Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Assessment System of Pneumatic Upper Limb Rehabilitation Exoskeleton
China - Health
Due to aging and the emergence of various diseases, the demand for rehabilitation treatment is gradually expanding. How to achieve rehabilitation training for patients with hemiplegia or other diseases, making rehabilitation more convenient, we have been thinking. In the end, we brought a combination of this rehabilitation mechanism and Noitom.

The Noitom sensors attached to the rehabilitation training device collects data, and presents fingers and arms status in front of the patients in real time during the rehabilitation. Meanwhile, in order to more directly present the
rehabilitation effect, we analyzed the collected data.

Information such as the angles of fingers and arms during rehabilitation helps the researchers design the next rehabilitation program. These assessments are based on our analysis of the data collected. Computers and mobile phones can use our software under development.

Open the mobile app and you can see the evaluation of the rehabilitation effect.We also record the patient's recovery completion.
Judges' Favorite
Dane Armour
Canada - Art
Throughline is an Augmented Reality interview series starring ghostly animated figures who reflect our relationship with choice and missed opportunities.

The five part series will be a compilation of interviews held with strangers that I meet in my day-to-day life. Their personal recounts and contemplations of major life decisions will be explored and reflected by augmented reality beings who aren't quite there but are a part of who we have become.

Each episode will focus on an element of choice, such as unforeseen consequences of making the right decision or being stuck in indecision, evolving the narrative with newly designed figures in unexpected environments and circumstances.

This project is designed to embrace new technologies which allow Animation and VFX artists to produce high quality content while bypassing the often cumbersome pipeline that they are usually faced with. Thanks to tools like Perception Neuron and Stereolabs ZED Mini alongside platforms like Moveshelf, this project will test a fast turnaround approach to producing engaging animation and visual effects for an online audience.
People's Choice
Without You  - A feature quality 2D Animated Series
Ibis Fernandez
Without You - A feature quality 2D Animated Series
USA - Entertainment
A feature quality 2D animated web series based on a 120 page feature film script. To be produced using consumer accessible software such as CrazyTalk Animator, Flash, iClone, Blender, Photoshop and the Perception Neuron hardware.

PS: My original video was a bout 4mins long. I edited it down to 2mins in order to meet the guidelines on the entry page, but if you'd like to see the complete, unedited original, you may check it out here:
Special Recognition
Briana Osorio
USA - Education
Signamy provides digital solutions to make information accessible in Sign Language. Helping people to communicate with the Deaf, learn it fast and in a fun way with Amy, a virtual character who uses gamification to teach and translate this amazing language. We are working with traditional animation to add Signs into our app but that only deploy separated words and takes a lot of time and effort. We need MoCap to translate sentences, written or spoken to Sign Language. With the help of Perception Neuron, we can make it faster and with natural movements. Improving Deaf people's lives by bringing inclusion to day to day situations.